WebLasso Digital Signage Cloud

When people say “digital signage”, they’re talking about digital displays used to inform and persuade, and it’s popping up in public spaces all over the world. Retailers and transit systems using digital signage are increasingly common, and every day more and more campuses, government institutions and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology.

Our WebLasso digital signage software can be used for a wide range of applications… lobby reception, student lounges, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms… virtually any public space or network. And WebLasso takes digital signage beyond large displays, believing that anything with a screen can be a digital sign – desktops, RSS readers, smartphones, iPads and more.

Companies use digital signage to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, or tell employees what’s for lunch. Maybe students are reminded that registration ends tomorrow or directed to interactive wayfinding on touchscreens to find their way around campus.

As the day comes to a close, screens in your facility might show local weather and traffic so that people can plan their commutes. What you show is really only limited by what you can imagine and create.

WebLasso digital signage not only informs and engages more people through creative presentation, but also reaches them instantly and reliably – and messages can be updated or retired in real-time. It is a modern approach to communications that draws in viewers with bright, animated graphics and interactivity.

These tools also improve your emergency preparedness by giving you a powerful and flexible tool to deliver security and weather alerts speedily. No matter how detailed or from what source, messages can be distributed in seconds.

Key Items

WebLasso digital signage software allows you to create, import, and manage your messages, alerts and media; schedule those messages to appear on the displays or portable devices that you select; and deliver them to your audience within minutes.

At DPI Direct, we concentrate on organizational communications. We don’t dumb down retail or advertising software – we build our products with campuses and businesses in mind – whether you’re driving a single screen or need enterprise-level communications across your organization. We also believe in making digital signage as easy as possible for our clients. Our software offers a friendly user interface with straight-forward and intuitive navigation, and all of our products and services are built to help make your communications more efficient and effective:

  • Full iBeacon Proximity Marketing Integrated
  • Feature-rich software applications
  • Browser-based, user-friendly interface
  • Animated templates and coordinated themes
  • Affordable, attractive interactive wayfinding
  • Dedicated consulting and creative services
  • Easy implementation and training
  • Superior support agreements
  • Power over Ethernet room signs
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction

WebLasso Platform can:

  • Attract customers, and increase the possibility of shopping.
  • Increase the interaction with the customer through unique mobile apps, with personalized service notifications, promotions, coupons, and high value-added functions.
  • Influence purchases through targeted promotions and campaigns for customer retention.
  • Describe paintings, art objects, to give more details to the museum or exhibition visitors, improving their experience.
  • Allow interaction with visitors in a museum, creating pathways of augmented reality.
  • Advertise and offer services to customers. (discount, coupons, tickets, etc. ..)